Pre Game Weather Cancellation Policy

The KWBSC will send notice by email no later than 4:00pm if the field conditions are below the playable standard.

It is the responsibility of the Head Coach of the Home Team to notify the Visiting Coach and the Umpire Scheduler that the game has been cancelled due to poor field conditions.

Coach Contacts can be found on the KWBSC website.

All games cancelled will be rescheduled at the next available date.



Game Cancellation Policy

 For player safety and field maintenance considerations,

All game activity is to be put on hold or cancelled under the follow conditions

    • Lightning Safety Protocols are to be followed as written in the Little League Rule Book as per Appendix A
    • Condensed version of the Rule is if lightning is seen nearby or if heavy storm clouds with thunders is observed players are to seek shelter immediately and wait a minimum of 15 minutes before attempting to resume play.
    • Member/Spectator safety is the number one concern.
  • Heavy Rain 
    • Sudden heavy rains can occur and effect field conditions
    • Standing water and saturated fields can become a hazard to players
  • Light Rain
    • Light rain for a long period of time can have the same effect as a heavy rain
    • Creating standing water and saturated fields which is a hazard to players
    • Clay infields can be severely effected by the wet weather 
    • Playing on wet clay infields can cause severe damage to the structure of the field, costing KWBSC time and money to repair.
    • Pitchers Mounds and the Home Plate area are to be covered with tarp after every game
  • Adult Supervision Required
    • Coaches are adult members of the KWBSC
    • The responsibility to supervise and maintain our fields is on the Head Coaches appointed by the KWBSC Executive.
  • Cancelled Games
    • All games cancelled will be rescheduled at the next available date
    • Games that have reached the top of the 4th inning that are cancelled will be called with the score as the result of the game.
    • Notify the Umpire Scheduler


Thank You,
KWBSC Executive