District 7 Baseball Rules House League

Game Length:

  • Games are to be played to a maximum of 6 innings or a 2 hour time limit 
  • Games may finish before that (see Time Limit below) 
  • Coaches should make every attempt to not exceed the 2 hour limit.  There may be another game starting after this game or sunlight may be an issue


Time Limit:

  • No new inning may start after 1 hour and 45 minutes – example, if the game starts at 6:00 pm, no new inning would start after 7:45 pm
  • If the top half of the inning is over at 1hr 45 mins, the game completes as normal rules
  • If the bottom half of an inning completes and the time is over 1hr 45 mins, the game ends


Game Pace:

  • The pace of the game should be aggressive and players should know their assigned position prior to transitioning from offence to defense
  • A maximum of 8 preparatory pitches or one minute, whichever is shorter, are permitted for the pitcher to warm up at the start of each inning (See Rule 8.03)
  • One catcher warm up throw to 2nd base will be allowed. Only a player, with a face mask may warm up a pitcher
  • The “hurry-up” rule for catchers when there are 2 outs is allowed and highly recommended; The catcher is to be replaced with last out
  • Only players will warm up pitchers in the bull-pen They must be wearing a face mask


Mercy Rule:

  • There is no “Mercy Rule” 
  • There is a 5 run per inning cap



  •  Each team must play with at least 7 players – Otherwise the game is a forfeit


Calling up younger players when short (example Minor to play Major):

  •  Coach of the team that is short players respectfully asks the called up players coach for permission
  • Called up player plays outfield only – Call up only permitted when a coach knows thy have 9 players or less


Automatic Out:

  •  There are no automatic out rules (e.gfor having less than 9 players)


On Deck Circle

  •  There is no “on deck circle” – all players must be in the dugout


Batting Order:

  •  All players will bat
  • Any late players are added to the bottom of the batting order and may not be placed randomly within the line-up.  Unless the player’s batting position has not come up during regular play.  If so, they may bat where originally assigned 


Dropped Third Strike:

  • Minor: On a dropped third strike the batter is automatically out
  • Major/Junior/Senior: On a drop third strike the ball is still live the batter can run unless first base is occupied


Fielding Substitution:

  •  Players may be freely substituted any time between the bench and the field 


Pitching Substitution

  • Number of Visits to the Pitcher (Major and Above):
    • This rule was not included in the Rule-book at the time of printing, regarding the number of visits to the mound by the manager: 

       (a) A manager or coach may come out once in one inning to visit with the pitcher, but the second time out, the player must be removed as a pitcher

       (b) A manager or coach may come out twice in one game to visit with the pitcher, but the third time out, the player must be removed as a pitcher
  • A pitcher may only pitch two innings.  If a pitcher only pitches a partial inning and is substituted out for another pitcher, that inning still counts towards the maximum allowed innings pitched
  • The innings pitched do not have to be consecutive
  • Pitcher is to not to pitch 3 consecutive days 
  • In Jr/SR pitchers will alternate between Jr. aged pitchers and Sr. aged pitchers



  • Minor/Major: There is no lead off until the ball crosses the plate
  • Junior/Senior: Lead-off is allowed


Stealing Restrictions 

Minor Only: 

  • Stealing home is not permitted
  • When stealing in Minor – only 1 base permitted on an over-throw from the Pitcher to the Catcher

Major and above: 

  • If the ball is live – player on third can steal home plate 
  • If the catcher attempts to throw out a player at any base, the runner may steal home 
  • When stealing home the Runner may slide if the play is close but is not forced to slide
    • If a Runner makes intentional contact with a Defensive player in an attempt to steal any base including home plate, the Runner is out and will be warned and ejected on a 2nd offence


Infield Fly Rule:

  • Runners on first and second and less than 2 out – if the ball lands in fair territory infield and the ball is playable by an infielder the batter is out 


Throwing of Bat:

  • The batter is automatically out and it is a dead ball 


Dress Code:

  • All players must wear a shirt with numbers on the back Shirts are to be tucked in
  • Baseball caps are not required BUT STRONGLY ENCOURAGED
  • Shorts are not allowed



  • The wearing of jewelry is not allowed under the regular rules



  • Helmets must be worn by all offensive players
  • Helmets without chin straps are allowed 


Division Ball Size Pitching Distance Base Distances:

  • Minor 65cc 46’ 60’
  • Major 65cc 46’ 60’
  • Junior 80cc 60’6” 90’
  • Senior 80cc 60’6” 90’