Planning on volunteering this season?


Whether you are the head coach, an assistant coach, or just helping out ever once in a while you must complete a Vulnerable Sector Check.

KDLL Policy is to not only to adhere to the rules and regulations of Little League Canada but also to protect our members and ensure the players are in a safe environment.

Little League Canada Regulation 1. (C), 9.
“League shall conduct an annual background check on all volunteers prior to the applicant being able to assume his/her duties of the current season”


To obtain a Vulnerable Sector Check you need the following:

Step 1 -  Print the KDLL Volunteer Letter ** your link to the letter will be found here once updated for the 2021 season- please check back in March!** 

Step 2 -  Go to the OPP's website follow the Criminal Record Check link on the home page fill out and print Form LE220.

Step 3 -  Bring your 2 pieces of acceptable ID, KDLL Volunteer Letter, and Form LE220 to the Kemptville OPP detachment. 

*Note:  VSC need to be picked up by the person whose name is on the form. If you have trouble making it back to the police detachment, leave a stamped envelop with your address and they will mail it back to you.

Step 4 -  Submit your Vulnerable Sector Check to the Risk & Safety Director




Police Record Checks are stored securely for two years and then destroyed.
The same Little League Canada regulation that requires the need for VSC also protects the volunteers.
“Information gathered for background checks and results are to be considered confidential, protected from public disclosure and not to be used for any purpose beyond determining volunteering eligibility”




Q. If I have a record does that mean I can’t volunteer?

A. No, only persons found to have committed a crime against a minor are prohibited.
Any volunteer with or without a criminal record is subject to Executive discretion and applying for a position does not guarantee placement.


Q. Can’t I just email it in?

A. No. Documents are easy enough to forge. A completed VSC will have an embossed stamp for authentication.


Q. But everyone knows me, why do I have to get one?

A. Because there are no exceptions. No VSC, No Official Roster, No Insurance, No stepping on the field.