Welcome to the 2021 season!

If you are interested in coaching this year, please contact your division Director (Baseball, Softball or Smallball) and let them know. Note that a current year, original VSC is required to step on the field. Absolutely no exceptions. 

If you are having issues with registration please contact the Registrar.

If you, or your child (13+), may be interested in umpiring this season, contact the Umpire Scheduler.

Below are your 2021 board members & contact info. Note that parents' first source of information during the ball season should be their coach.


President vacant
Treasurer Kaitlyn Thurler
Registrar Corrie McKenzie
Registrar Asst Alicia Vanden Tillaart   
Secretary Kristy Patterson secretary@kemptvillewildcats.com
Director of Baseball vacant  baseball@kemptvillewildcats.com
Director of Softball Spring Williams softball@kemptvillewildcats.com
Director of Smallball Sophie Geneau smallball@kemptvillewildcats.com
Umpire Scheduler vacant  
Umpire Scheduler Asst Rick Gardiner
Risk & Safety vacant
Director of Equipment  Jeff Keleman equipment@kemptvillewildcats.com
Director of Player Development Jordan Havekes development@kemptvillewildcats.com
Director at Large 1 Pat Piitz  
Director at Large 2 Glen Annand
Media & Fundraising Erin O'Neil


We wish everyone a fun season of Ball!