Umpire Information

KWBSC Umpires are ages 12 and up. Umpires do not have to be registered members of the Wildcats Club. Equipment is provided to all Umpires. Umpires will need their own safety shoes and dark grey dress pants.

Umpires must attend a KWBSC Umpire Clinic or an equivalent or higher clinic from another Club. Pay scale will depend on the level of Baseball and Softball that is Umpired.

Contact Rick at if interested in umpiring this season! We need adults just as well as kids, if not more; consider supporting your child in this endeavor by joining them! 

Umpires are highly relied upon, and are responsible to uphold their commitments as per any other job. Courses and support are available to ensure our umps have a great season.

Details on courses, and whats new for 2018 to come.

Thank you to all! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.